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‧人權城市導覽 Kaohsiung Human Rights         Travel Guide
‧人權大富翁Explore Human Rights
   Kaohsiung Human Rights Travel Guide
台灣無名戰士紀念碑(Monument of Unknown Taiwanese Veterans)


After coming back to Taiwan 1992, Khou, Chiao-Eng, an elderly Taiwanese veteran who was once on the black list, devoted his efforts into reclaiming truth and justifying the honor of the elder Taiwanese soldiers and those who had died in alien lands as well as comfort their surviving families. He founded the Association of Taiwanese Veterans and Their Survivors in 1994, and later led a hunger strike protest in Kaohsiung with all these elderly Taiwanese veterans and their survivors from across the nation. Kaohsiung city government agreed to take a piece of land reserved for the Cijin Seaside Park to build the ‘Memorial Park of the Taiwanese Old Soldiers for World Peace’ which would also host the‘memorial monument for the “Unknown Taiwanese Veterans’, and the ‘Taiwanese Solider Memorial Hall’.

The very first ‘Monument of Unknown Taiwanese Veterans’, established right before the 60th anniversary of WWII, was dedicated to his fellow soldiers who had lost their lives for the country in alien lands. The heavy marble monument is a vehicle for the ghosts of these veterans who cannot return home; it bears the concerns their families have for them. The monument calls and leads the spirits of these veterans to come home across the Taiwan Strait.

The monument of ‘Unknown Taiwanese Soldiers’ is set next to the Windmill Park on the seashore of Cinjin. On its back, the engraved calligraphy reads ‘May their spirits rest peacefully in their hometowns’, written by former president Lee, Teng-Hui, and ‘May their souls be comforted in the motherland’ written by Khou, Chiao-Eng. On the base of the monument, the story of this tragic history is recorded. Each and every word recalls the tears and blood of these Taiwanese veterans, many of whom were sent to the fields of war during the Chinese Civil War and died there unknown under the ruthless gunfire. The monument is built to justify the historical position earned by these warriors.
Location: Cijin 2nd Road, Cijin Distric, across from Cijin Junior High school (inside of the Cijin Wind Mill Park)

交通資訊:公車248、219、31、50 (五福幹線)至鼓山渡船站搭渡船至旗津渡輪站後,可租自行車前往;捷運凱旋站(R6)1號出口轉搭公車35至風車公園站
Transportation information: Take City Bus Line 248, 219, 31, or 50 (Wufu Line) from MRT Sizihwan (O1) station to Gushan Ferry Station to take the ferry to Cijin ferry station then you can rent a bike to get to the Park, or Take City Bus Line 35 from MRT Kaisyuan (R6) Station at Exit 1 to the Wind Mill Park Station.
導覽前言(City Guide Explore)
二二八事件-高雄歷史博物館(The 228 Incident-Kaohsiung Museum of History)
鹽埕二二八和平公園 (Yancheng Peace Memorial Park)
壽山二二八紀念碑 (Shoushan 228 Memorial Monument)
岡山二二八和平紀念公園 (Gangshan 228 Peace Memorial Park)
二二八高雄中學自衛隊 (228 Self-defense Squadron of Kaohsiung Senior High School)
旗津勞動女性紀念公園(Cijin Female Labors Memorial Park)
海軍明德訓練班(Ming-Der Disciplinary Camp of the Navy)
台灣無名戰士紀念碑(Monument of Unknown Taiwanese Veterans)
戰爭與和平紀念公園主題館(War and Peace Memorial Park and Theme Hall)
橋頭事件-高雄橋頭火車站、橋頭糖廠站(The Ciaotou Incident-Ciaotou Railway Station & Kaohsiung MRT Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Station)
美麗島/高雄事件-高捷美麗島站(The Formosa /Kaohsiung Incident-Kaohsiung MRT Formosa Boulevard Station)
美麗島/高雄事件-高捷美麗島站之人權廣場 (The Formosa /Kaohsiung Incident – Human Rights Square beside Formosa Boulevard Station)
美麗島/高雄事件-美麗島雜誌社 (The Formosa /Formosa Magazine) 
永安溼地自然公園(Yong-an Wetlands Nature Park)  
後勁文物館(Houjing Cultural Hall)  
黃蝶翠谷(Yellow Butterfly Valley)  
小林望鄉紀念碑(Siaolin Memorial)
朱一貴文化園區(Chu Yi-kuei Culture Park)
殤滾水紀念碑公園(Gunshui Memorial Park)
真愛碼頭.人權宣言(Love Pier: Declaration on Human Rights)
柯旗化故居(The Ke Ci-hua Former Residence)
旗山老街.剝蕉案(Cishan Old Street and the Banana Case)
橋頭事件.余登發故居(The Ciaotou Incident and the Yu Deng Fa House)
中央公園言論廣場(Speakers’ Square, Central Park)
城市光廊.野草莓學運(Urban Spotlight: The Wild Strawberries Movement)
高雄市電影館(Kaohsiung Film Archive)
勞工博物館(Kaohsiung Museum of Labor)
人權學堂 ∣Human Rights Learning Studio

Position: Kaohsiung MRT 05/R10 Formosa Boulevard Hall Exit 9
Address: No. 436, Daye North Rd. Siaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City 81249, Taiwan
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